About Us

Bookends opened in April 2007 and has since become North Myrtle Beach’s favorite used bookstore.  Former owners, Norma and Vicki, passed the torch to new owners in July of 2022.  Walt and Mindy Romanosky have eagerly accepted this exciting new adventure.

Hi!  We (Walt and Mindy Romanosky) are delighted to be your new Bookends owners.  We recently moved from Richmond, Virginia and are so thankful that Norma and Vicki have shared their wonderful bookshop with us.  We are delighted to be here and can’t wait to meet you on your next trip to the store.  Don’t worry, Stacy, Stephanie, and Winona are still onboard to keep us straight and everything perfect for you.

Walt has been in the electrical sales business for thirty years and is delighted to move to South Carolina where the beach provides a salty addition to each day.  He is a devoted sports fan and enjoys watching, playing, and discussing sports of all kinds.  Walt is an avid music lover and guitar player, playing in bands that celebrate all genres of music from country to rock to Springsteen.  He is excited to meet each of you and learn more about life here at the beach.

After teaching for twenty-seven years, I am excited to begin this new adventure as a bookseller.  My passion for reading, love of books, and excessive chattiness have all finally come together in the perfect place.  Alongside reading, I love Braves baseball and beach walks.  I can’t wait to meet each of you and chat about what you are reading. 

Our sons, Connor and Landon, are in college and will hopefully be around the store during school breaks.  They have been very patient and encouraging as their mom and dad upended things for this new adventure. 

Booksellers Extraordinaire

Winona  –

Stephanie Hosier

Please meet long-time, part-time bookseller extraordinaire – Stephanie Hosier. One of our favorite things about Stephanie is her genuine love of people AND Books! You’re always in for a smile whenever Stephanie is at the counter.

When asked how she ended up at Bookends, Stephanie said, “I had frequented the store on my trips from out of state (PA). So on one of my routine visits after moving to SC, I overheard Vicki mention possibly hiring someone. I approached, ok cornered her, in the romance section (which is fitting since we both have had a life-long love of reading) and expressed interest. I’m grateful she and Norma welcomed me on the team.

When Stephanie is not reading or selling books her favorite things to do include taking nature walks with her husband if 31 years and she “thoroughly enjoys a full-belly, tears to the eyes, nose-snorting, cross-your-legs kinda laugh.”

Before Stephanie recommends a book, she like to know more about the person and their previous reading likes/dislikes. She believes there’s not really any book that is a one-story-suits-all. But she’s more than happy to share some of her favorites.

Stacy Stetson

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