• This is a highly entertaining read. Billie, Mary Alice, Helen, and Natalie are nothing short of bad-a$$!

  • by Shelby Van Pelt

  • by Gillian McAllister

  • TJR is such a phenomenal storyteller.  I have loved her previous novels, and this one doesn’t disappoint as she recounts the story of world renowned tennis star, Carrie Soto, as she scrapes back onto the tennis courts at age forty.  Soto’s diehard commitment and characterization were so well-written – now I understand why I would never make it as a professional athlete – ha!  I listened to this book on Libro and highly recommend the audio version

  • This was my first Alice Feeney book, and I am hooked.  I really liked her writing style and this homage to the great Agatha Christie had me hooked from the beginning. 

    Daisy Daker joins up with her less-than-close-knit family to celebrate her Nana’s 80th birthday.  The plot thickens as one-by-one, the members of the family disappear.  Until the tide goes out, they are trapped on the island with a killer.  A great page-turner.

  • I just finished the book, The Measure, by Nikki Erlick. WOW!  I haven’t loved a book this much in a long while.  It was such a satisfying read, like eating a delicious full course meal (with no calorie regrets). 

    At the onset of the novel, the world awakens to find small boxes upon their doorstep.  Within each adult’s box is a string that denotes the length of their lifespan.  Woah!  What follows is a thought-provoking story of how a variety of characters handle themselves in this situation.  I found the story amazing and wonderful and one that sparked so much discussion around my dinner table. 

    What would you do?  Would you open the box?  Would you live your life differently?  Should the future be ours to see?  Please read this and come in and chat with me.  It is one of my favorite reads in a long time.  I think it should be Required Reading for All Humans. 

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