Bookends has over 25,000 books in inventory.  Whether your interest is in popular fiction, classic literature, westerns or romance you will find something to please.  If you are looking for non-fiction, we have that as well.  There’s a bit of everything, including history, true crime, biographies, spirituality, and more.  Don’t worry, there’s also a grand selection for young readers, ranging from picture books to chapter books to young adult novels.

Our selection changes daily and is constantly growing.  Stop in and find your next just right book!  If you need help finding a book, our book lovers can offer recommendations!  Stop in to browse, chat, and shop.


Used Books….50% off the publisher’s retail price

New Books…10% off the publisher’s retail price


We offer a generous in-store credit policy which can be used towards future purchases of used books.  We can take one small bag/box of gently used books per visit, and the books can usually be processed while you shop.  We offer a credit of 20% of the publisher’s retail price for paperbacks and 10% for very recent hardbacks. 

For trade-ins, we are looking for recent paperbacks and very recent hardbacks that are have been gently used.  Books condition, age, and inventory are taken into consideration at time of trade-in.  Much of our inventory comes from customers, so we only take what you want to buy!

We are looking for books that are used, not abused!  The books at Bookends should be clean, odor free, and without water damage.  They won’t have significant rips or tears, and the bindings will be tight and unbroken.  Hardcovers will have their dust jackets intact.  There will be minimal markings inside.

You can use your in-store credit for up to half your purchase of used books.  Whatever credit is leftover will be saved in your account for your next visit.  In-store credit cannot be used on new books or gifts.  For example, if you are purchasing $20.00 of used books, $10.00 of in-store credit can be used, bringing your total down to $10.00!  What a deal! 

Discount prices + trade-in credits = Happy Readers!

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